Dead Cult The Cyber Intelligence Platform

Main Features

What is Dead Cult?

Dead Cult is the CISO/Analyst's Dream, it is an AI based Unified Cyber intelligence Platform. It is a complete Cyber Intelligence Platform that offers predictive analysis and statistical modeling. Aims to prevent incidents rather than dealing with them. Using AI, Machine Learning and SIGINT (Signal Intelligence), Dead Cult tries to anticipate attacks and alerts once suspicious traffic is detected.

Why Dead Cult?

The main idea behind Dead Cult was pure Intelligence. An Attempt to know the unknown out of what you already know. Putting facts together to deduce a relation or a future event. Dead Cult is the only platform that differentiates between Information, Investigation and Intelligence.

Information:Is the data or feeds without context, events/compromised accounts, facts that already occurred
Investigation:To Conclude evidence about an incident
Intelligence: “Intelligence is information compiled, analyzed, and/or disseminated in an effort to anticipate, prevent, or monitor related activity.” US Army CRIMINT