Security Capabilities in The Dome
    • TIP Threat Intelligence Platform
    • Vulnerability Management Platform(VA/PT)
    • Vulnerability Assessment (Server & Web)
    • Threat Scape (Attack Surface)
    • Threat Monitor (Related Vulnerabilities & Exploits)
    • Web Security (AI Powered WAF )
    • Web Sensors (Anomaly & Prediction Algorithms)
    Risk & Security Management
    • Quantified Risk Index
    • Security Hardening Check-lists
    • Other Compliance can be Integrated upon request
    Full Visualization Platform with SOC Screen Support
    • Entity Relation Mapping
    • Customizable World Maps (2D/3D/Dynamic)
    • Analytics with Charts & Real Time Screens
    Full Machine Learning Libraries to develop your own Algorithm
    • Built in Anomaly Algorithm
    • Built in Predictive Analysis Algorithm
    • Built in Network to Risk Mapping Diagram