Dead Cult

What is Dead Cult?

Dead Cult is the Cyber Defense Platform, powered with AI Dead Cult aim to secure your business and to provide full Visibility.
Dead Cult is designed as a modular platform, this allows rapid development of new modules to meet arising challenges in a fashionably timeline. Each module tackles a specific security challenge.
In general, Dead Cult ingests Data from different sources (Security Controls provided by Dead Cult or Other 3rd Party Security Controls). Data is then analyzed using correlation, rules and Artificial Intelligence), to present final Analysis, Intelligence and Visualization.
Dead Cult can become your only platform of Cyber Defense or Integrated with your existing Security Infrastructure to provide Intelligence, AI & Visualization
Dead Cult objective is to become the main DefSecOps Interface, that provides swift and accurate Defense Actions to match today's fast Offensive Ops.
Dead Cult is what every SOC / Analyst / Management / CISO needs.

Why Dead Cult?

Higher Protection & Visibility
Least effort and budget.
Elegant, No Hardware, Easy to Implement
Multi-Tenant User's own Dashboard

Dead Cult Subscription

Dead Cult: The Cyber Defense Platform (Check Features for more Info)
Dead Cult X: Extra EDR/Threat Inteligence/ Vulnerability Management
Dead Cult X Complete: Managed by our Experts (Managed Security Services)

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