} Dead Cult - Next Generation Cyber Intelligence Platform

Models & Features

Dead Cult is a Cyber Intelligence Platform. It can operate out of the box with no integration with your system. And it can become a Cyber Security Dome if you activate all of it's features.
Dead Cult comes in 4 different models. All models share the same core features but each is tweaked according to your needs.
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1) Cloud Model

This model have all the features and the most up to date version of all models. It is the most Cost Effective and The Fastest Deployment. Run & Maintained by Dead Cult team while all information is Fully Encrypted.


2) On-Premises Model

All of the Cloud Model features hosted on your network


3) MSSP Model

Perfect for Managed Security Service Providers. Offer the Dome Edition instantly to your customers and maximize your revenue.


4) National/Sector Model

The World's Real Time Risk Index that works on a National Level